week 4 summary – learning to draw

Wow, has it already been 4 weeks? Only 48 weeks left to go? One twelfth into my journey of spending a year learning to draw (read the background here). This week I did a lot of my drawing for pleasure on my new iPad, trying to get used to Procreate and using the Apple pencil. I threw away most of what I sketched, because it was a lot of copying other artists’ work and I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting that online so I didn’t bother to save the drawings from this week. I realize now that was a big mistake, because even if I don’t intend to post my drawings here for the accountability, I will still want to be able to refer back to them as time goes on so I can see if anything has improved. Stupid me. So in the coming weeks, I’ll be saving them…if not the full Procreate files, at least exported images.

On day 24 I completed boxse 66-70 of the Draw a Box 250 box challenge. Looking at the results so far I can conclusively say that it’s not an efficient use of my drawing time. Supposedly the greatest improvement happens somewhere around the 100th box, but I have seen so little improvement in my ability to correctly plot out the perspective by eye that I can’t see spending more of my precious drawing hours on this method.

My line quality has improved (provided I concentrate), but most of my perspective lines are just as crappy as when I started. Unless I totally rush, it just takes too much time to draw these damn boxes. There are more fun ways to get better at basic line-making skills. So I am abandoning the boxes for now and will focus on exercises that seem more meaningful. And of course continue to evaluate my progress as I go.

Week 4 Gallery

The end of this week got a bit disrupted regarding drawing practice because I left the house to do some long-overdue socializing on day 27, and day 28 I spent mostly organizing my drawings for the month, uploading images, and getting this site into shape. I did manage to do at least a little skills practice on days 27 and 28, but that’s about it. If I had an all-or-nothing mentality this would have broken me, but I’m just going to wipe the slate clean and be happy for staying consistent and drawing at least 30 minutes every day for this past month. Onward to month two and week 5!

2 thoughts on “week 4 summary – learning to draw”

  1. Hi Lori,

    Wow, you are impressive Lori!
    Drawing is one of those things that I’d really love to do in my life (another one is playing some music instrument). I didn’t have the courage and determination for that but you did it. That’s great Lori! You have my full support.
    And honestly, you are good at drawing!


    1. Hey there, Charles! Thanks for stopping by here too 🙂 I’m writing about my drawing practice here for the accountability…if I know at least one person is watching, I’m less likely to skip practicing. My drawing is not good now, but I can already see improvement! And it’s been really satisfying to FINALLY start learning something I always wanted to do but somehow never got around to.

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