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bedrijfsfotografie profielfoto omgeving breda dordrecht rotterdam
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High-end Headshot Photography

Personalized service with attention to detail

So you're pricing headshot photographers. I get it; you don't want to spend more than you have to. But comparing on price alone doesn't give you the full story. Budget headshot photographers operate on the high-volume, shoot-them-fast, shoot-them-cheap business model. Professional headshots are far too important for that. I assume every client is aiming for the A-list, and offer a premium service designed to get them an A-list worthy headshot.

I only schedule a maximum of one session per day, and a maximum of 3 per week, to be able to give every headshot client the highest level of customer service possible. When I'm shooting your headshots you can rest assured that I'm there for you 100% and am never going to be rushing your session because another client is coming in the door. Which photographer would you rather have, someone who's wants to get you in and out the door as fast as possible, or someone who loves what they do, cares deeply about the results, and who has time and energy to give you the best possible service? I know who I'd pick!

Honestly, if you "just want a quick headshot for LinkedIn" or whatever, I'm probably not your photographer. (That said, I will try to convince you that your LinkedIn profile deserves to be awesome.) But if you are looking for a high-end headshot that you'll be proud to use, then fill in the contact form below and let's talk.

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