Lori Linstruth is a portrait and headshot photographer based in Oudemolen, Noord Brabant, The NetherlandsHi, I’m Lori Linstruth, a headshot and portrait photographer based in Oudemolen (Noord Brabant). Don’t worry if you think you’re “not photogenic.” There is something cool, beautiful, or interesting in EVERYONE, and it’s my mission to find it!

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How I work
A headshot session with me is probably different than what you’re used to. Many photographers expect YOU to perform for THEM while they click the shutter and worry about the technical stuff. That’s fine for professional models whose paycheck depends on knowing what to do in front of the camera. But most regular folks have no idea what to do! They feel nervous, self-conscious and uncomfortable, and it shows in the photos. They need a trained eye to direct them and help them to look their best, and that’s where I come in. 

I will coach you through the entire photo shoot, helping to adjust your posture and expression to bring out the best YOU possible. All you have to do is relax, go with the flow, and let yourself be directed. Make sure to bring your sense of humor with you, because I may ask you to do things that feel crazy or weird: “Feels weird, looks great!” is often true when it comes to getting the best headshot you’ve ever had.

Throughout your headshot session we’ll stop from time to time to review your photos on my laptop. If you don’t already know your “best side” and “best angles,” we are sure to discover them. We’ll tweak and refine your body language and expression until we capture the exact vibe you’re going for.

For the fastest turnaround, it’s best to go through the shots together after the session and select your favorites right away. But every session includes an optional online proofing gallery so you can review your photos later if you prefer.

Sound like fun? Let’s get you an amazing headshot! Need more info? I’m just a a href=”tel:+31615046253>phone call or email away.