So it’s the night before your headshot session and you’re freaking out about how to prepare yourself and what you need to bring with you. Never fear, it’s not that complicated. Collect any wardrobe items and personal grooming products or tools that you want to bring with you, and get them all packed and ready to go. That way you can sleep well and not be rushing around getting everything together on the morning of your headshot session.

As for general preparations, you don’t need to do anything special to get ready for your headshot apart from using common sense: try to arrive to the studio well-rested, well hydrated, well-groomed, and ready to bring your A-game.

A special note for the men: if you tend to wear a beard, moustache or stubble, but also want some shots where you’re clean shaven, we can shoot the beard first, then you can shave and we’ll get some clean shots as well. I picked up this trick from headshot photographer Amy Bissonette.