Tips for getting the most out of your portrait session – Tiny moves

Here is one tip that can make a huge difference for you any time you are having professional photos taken, whether or not you book with me or end up going with someone else.

Unless you’re a professional model who knows how to move, knows your angles, and feels comfortable in front of the camera, you’ll probably need direction from your photographer. And if your photographer is any good, she’ll be able to direct you into natural looking and flattering body positions that help you look your very best. (Like John Armato, I don’t like the word “poses” because it sounds so fake.)

One thing I notice when directing my portrait clients is the importance of tiny moves. Sometimes the difference between a great angle or position is a matter of a centimeter or two. For close shots, it can be a few millimeters! People tend to move a lot more than what is required. Keep it tiny!

In my experience, most people move WAY too much when I ask for tiny moves. Seriously, the difference between good and great is often down to tiny details of body position and expression.