Tips for getting the most out of your portrait session – keep moving!

In a previous portrait session tip, I talked about the importance of tiny moves. This goes for body positions as well as expressions. For example, just adding the slightest hint of a smile can change a guy’s expression from looking like somewhat of a jerk to looking like a confident (but still friendly) badass. It’s a matter of millimeters.

For women, sometimes lifting or lowering the chin just one centimeter makes the difference between an OK shot and one that is WOW.

But it doesn’t stop there. Unless you want 50 shots of the same thing, you should be making slight changes at every click. There is simply no point in taking the same shot twice. Of course, a good photographer (like my pal Olli Tumelius will direct you and tell you what to do. But you can help the process by changing something about your expression or position at every click. If this seems intimidating or scary, try looking at the whole process as a fun experiment. You’re simply trying things to see what works. Anything you don’t like is going to be deleted anyway, so what have you got to lose?

so at your next portrait session, whether it’s with me or with someone else, try making VERY SMALL changes every time your photographer takes a shot. Add a tiny hint of smile, move your chin up or down a tiny bit, turn or tilt your head ever so slightly, etc.(we’re talking millimeters here, remember!) Unless your photographer tells you to “hold that!” you can be sure that you’ll be helping her out.