If you’re a guy, the answer is easy: men definitely don’t need professional hair and makeup. In fact, men — in all but the rarest cases — don’t need any makeup at all for their headshots. But for the ladies, it really depends. If you feel comfortable doing your own makeup and hair, and have cosmetic products that are “flashback” safe to use with studio flash, then by all means do your own makeup. According to headshot photographer Duane Furlong, to prevent “flashback” your cosmetics should NOT contain SPF protection, silica, mica, zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide. If you are going to purchase cosmetics for your headshot, please make sure to request products that are “flashback free,” and designed to be used with studio lighting.

If that sounds intimidating and you’d prefer to have a professional do your hair and makeup, then you’re in luck! I have an amazing makeup artist who we can arrange to come to your session and help you look your very best. Her fee is additional, and you pay her directly at the session.