Headshots are different than portraits in that the main focus should be on your face and expression. This means that your wardrobe and styling should not be distracting from the awesomeness of YOU.

Some wardrobe things for women to avoid are low necklines, busy patterns (unless it’s on a top that is worn under a solid-colored blazer), baggy tops (fitted is much nicer on camera), and short sleeves or tank tops.

For both men and women, headshot specialistTodd Ring points out that fitted, tailored clothing absolutely looks best on camera — much better than loose, baggy, bulky items. Make sure to try on any wardrobe you plan to bring to make sure that it fits well. Too snug is better than too loose.

If you are extremely challenged in the wardrobe department, there is one thing that looks great on nearly everybody: a new, clean, fitted, T-shirt. These can be found quite inexpensively in nearly any clothing store.