For most women it’s best to opt for a fresh, natural makeup look that keeps the viewer’s focus on the face and expression. However, it gets a bit trickier when it comes to musicians and other artists for whom a more dramatic style is part of how they present themselves professionally. I mean, should I ever have the fun of shooting his headshot. I’m not going to tell Lady Gaga to tone it down a notch (or ten), if I ever have the fun task of shooting her headshot. And even though I normally can’t stand makeup on men for headshots, if I’m shooting someone like Marilyn Manson, he can keep it on.

If dramatic makeup or hair is part of your brand or how you present yourself professionally (for example, you’re a badass frontwoman of a death metal band), then your the makeup you wear for your headshot should reflect the way you want to present yourself. As fellow headshot photographer Cindy Quinn points out, you’ll get the best results when you feel great about your hair and makeup.

So in a nutshell, please arrive to the studio with your hair styled the way you like it, and make sure to bring along any special products or tools you need for touch-ups.