Clothes come in an entire rainbow of colors, and you’re probably wondering which colors will look best for your headshot. The simplest answer is, as headshot photographer Tom Jamison points out, that the best colors are colors that make you feel AMAZING. I totally agree. But even so, there are some things to think about for choosing the best colors for your headshot wardrobe.

Colors that work well for both men and women are your standard business blues, greys, browns, and greys. Pure black does not read well on camera unless the fabric has a good deal of texture. And pure white should be avoided, unless it’s peeking out from underneath a darker piece like a jacket. If you want to go with a more colorful vibe, then opt for deep, rich colors like jewel tones.

Definitely go with solid colors over busy patterns. Patterns in general are distracting and, if they have a lot of fine lines, they can cause a weird in-camera effect called moire (which doesn’t look good, trust me).

And, for the love of everything holy, NO TEXT OR LOGOS on your headshot wardrobe. It never looks good. I am able to remove text and logos in photoshop for an additional charge, but it’s best (and most cost-effective) to get things right in camera.