I’m still figuring out what to write here. What do you want to know?

Yes, I still love photography. Once I’ve sorted my portfolio to represent only the kind of work I want to do, I’ll put up some kind of gallery or portfolio.

My podcast, Better at English, has been going sporadically since 2006. I’m currently aiming to publish one episode per week. But I’m not going to kill myself if I can’t keep to that schedule. Quality is king, and I want to improve my podcast over time. That means only publishing episodes that I feel proud of and that I think provide value to my listeners. If I can’t make one of those per week, then so be it. The algorithm will probably punish me if I can’t keep to a regular schedule, but I’m OK with that.

Digital Minimalist
I’m not on social media by choice. Social Media is important for my partner Arjen to be able to connect with his fans. I get it. But for me, it does far more psychological harm than good. After careful deliberation, I’ve learned that the value I get from engaging on social media is not worth the huge price I pay in time, attention, and general well-being. Everybody says I “have to” be on social media to promote my podcast, but I can’t in good conscience encourage my listeners to waste one moment of their precious time and attention on the brain poison that is social media.

Call me old-fashioned, but I much prefer the good ole days of blogs and Google Reader, the days before the like button, the days before Facebook et al figured out their nefarious business model. With RSS I could create my own reading list of blogs that I chose after careful deliberation. I only got notifications from sources that I genuinely wanted to read. I still use Feedly for this.

Algorithm-driven platforms that drown me with a firehose of outrage, fear, and FOMO designed to keep me stuck there are DEAD TO ME. Fuck you, Facebook and Instagram. Just fuck you.

YouTube is the one exception, but I don’t see that as social media, really. It’s more of a content-delivery platform for video. I use a browser plugin thatdisables the recommendations, comments, and other crap that YouTube’s algorithm uses to keep you clicking on “just one more” video.

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